Kitchen Gadgets January 2023

Opens: 1/18/2023
Closes: 1/25/2023


Avacado do it all-$3.99
Silicone Baking Mat-$5.99
Silicone Straw Set-$5.49
Grape Cutter-$3.99
Sauce Holders-$4.99
Silicone Food Covers-$5.00
Mini Strainer-$3.99
French Fry Holder-$4.99
Jar Opener-$6.99
Silicone Sink Mat-$6.99
Spoon Strainers-$3.99

Buy fee is included in the cost of the items. Pricing includes STH via a fast carrier. Sales tax (if TX resident) will be added on. If you are a shipper, that is billed separately after the items come in. 

THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS with the exception of damaged/defective products.

Please expect these in by the end of February. Turn around time starts from the date that the buy closes. Please understand that some things are out of my control and there is always a possibility of delays. Please follow the buy post on FB for updates. You can easily do that by commenting "ordered!” on the post. 

Pick up locations:


Arlington/Pantego (Arkansas/Woodside)

North Arlington (Randol Mill/Westwood)

NFW/Saginaw (Business 287/Bonds Ranch Rd)

Venus (157/875)

Burleson (35/Garden Acres)

NRH (Davis/Harwood)


Pick up map-