Boutique Buy #331

Opens: 3/18/2024
Closes: 3/25/2024


Boho Bluey
Kid Tank Dress- $19.99
Kid Outfit- $19.99
Kid Polo- $15.99
Kid Shorts- $15.99

Purple Butterflies
Kid Twirly Dress- $19.99
Kid Outfit- $$19.99
Kid Tank Dress- $19.99
Kid Romper- $19.99

Controller Player 
Kid Twrily Dress-$19.99
Kid Raglan- $15.99
Kid Tank Dress- $19.99
Kid Lounge Set-$19.99

S&S And Popcorn 
Kid Lounge Sets- $19.99
Kid Gown- $17.99

Buy fee is included in the cost of the items. Pricing includes STH via a fast carrier. Sales tax (if TX resident) will be added on. If you are a shipper, that is billed separately after the items come in. 

THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS with the exception of damaged/defective products.

Please expect a 8-10 week turnaround. Turn around time starts from the date that the buy closes. Please understand that some things are out of my control and there is always a possibility of delays. Please follow the buy post on FB for updates. You can easily do that by commenting "ordered!” on the post. 

Pick up locations:


Arlington/Pantego (Arkansas/Woodside)

North Arlington (Randol Mill/Westwood)

NFW/Saginaw (Business 287/Bonds Ranch Rd)

Venus (157/875)

Burleson (35/Garden Acres)

NRH (Davis/Harwood)


Pick up map-