Beach Bags

Opens: 3/28/2023
Closes: 4/2/2023

-Solid- $28
-Printed- $32

-Solid- $34
-Printed- $42

Sales tax (if TX resident) will be added on. If you are a shipper, that is billed separately after the items come in. 

THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS with the exception of damaged/defective products.

Turn around time:
To keep cost down, I elected to allow these to ship by SEA. What's this mean? Well, it's going to take a lot longer than by air. It also is SO much cheaper. To be extra safe, I am stating that we expect these to arrive in June. These have a longer production time so that also plays a part in the turn around. Sea shipping is slow, unpredictable, but SO much cheaper. Please do not be upset if these arrive during that time. You have been fairly warned. 🙂 Also, things can be delayed. Once they have been loaded on that cargo ship, it is out of mine and the vendors hands. We also won't get updates while it's traveling. You can't track boats as well as planes. 😉 Fair warning, y'all, fair warning. 🙂 I PROMISE it's worth it!

Pick up locations:

Arlington/Pantego (Arkansas/Woodside)

North Arlington (Randol Mill/Westwood)

NFW/Saginaw (Business 287/Bonds Ranch Rd)

Venus (157/875)

Burleson (35/Garden Acres)

NRH (Davis/Harwood)



Pick up map-