Alva Diapers & More

Opens: 7/6/17
Closes: 7/12/17 at 9pm
Payments Due: 7/14/17 at 9pm


Newborn Snap- Solid- $4, Printed- $4.50
Newborn Velcro- $4.20
OS Pocket Diapers- $5
Microfiber Insert- Newborn- $1.50, OS- $1.75
CBI & Bamboo Inserts- $2.50
Trainers- Solid- $5.25, Printed- $5.50
Nursing Pads & Bag Sets- $6
Mama Cloth-
~S- $2.25
~XL- $3.50
Wet Bags- $5

No buy fee! Pricing includes shipping to me via a fast carrier (DHL, Fedex, etc.) Sales tax (if TX resident) and payment processing fee will be added on to the initial invoice. If you are a shipper, that is billed separately after the items come in.

****PLEASE TYPE YOUR EMAIL SLOWLY. This is where the confirmation email (to see what you ordered as well as to edit your order if necessary) and the invoice will be sent.

Please expect a 4-5 week turn around time.

Pick up locations:
Mansfield (Broand/Holland)
Pantego (Green Oaks/Arkansas)
NFW/Saginaw (Business 287/Bonds Ranch Rd)
Venus (157/875)
Burleson (35/Garden Acres)
Bedford (Central/Cummings)